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Hello, I am Cristy Delgado, I have been training dogs and their owners in the Southwest region for over five years and believe that training comes down to humans understanding canine body language and their characteristics. This helps develop a loving relationship between the owner and their dog. With a focus on Socialization, I teach dogs obedience and manners, while the dog owner is taught about consistency.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences
, I worked as a veterinarian technician while volunteering a copious amount of hours with rescued dogs. I began training my own dogs, (four mischievous huskies) when family and friends started reaching out for my help. I knew this was my true calling and began my dog training journey. I received my Dog Trainer certification from the Animal Behaviour College in July 2015 and have traveled to national and international dog training seminars to better enhance my knowledge and skills.

  Along the way, I noticed many dogs were struggling with fear of other dogs, while their owners struggled to control and understand why their dog was reacting in certain ways. This is when I realized there wasn’t a place where disorderly or mischievous dogs, that had been kicked out of their prior daycares, could go and learn how to properly engage with others.

In order for me to be able to apply my lessons, I needed a controlled environment where my clients could bring in their problematic or insecure dogs. In September 2018, I founded Canine Domain, an indoor/outdoor facility where we help shape misunderstood dogs, and have found that the best way to understand a dog is through observation and interaction with others. It serves as a one stop shop for all dog training needs: from socialization to boarding, along with a variety of other specialized courses offered by regional trainers. With the help of my three balanced dogs, Kovu, Railey, and Mina — we train dogs dealing with a variety of problems to learn how to become confident and well-mannered. By properly socializing a dog with a group of balanced dogs, we have the ability to rehabilitate a dog faster than other methods, and is proven to fix many behavioral problems, without focusing on the problem itself.

I teach my clients how to perceive their dog’s state of mind, body language and behavior; It is truly satisfying to see the bond between dog and owner grow and lead them to a closer last in relationship.

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