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At Canine Domain we understand how difficult it is to find time for your dog’s needs. With our help, you can finally stop worrying about leaving your dog home all day while you’re at work.  Our day camp is designed to help your dog achieve mental and physical wellness. We incorporate social activities that fulfill your dog’s biological, instinctual, mental, and physical needs. By providing these outlets, your dog will become a calm well-mannered companion at home. Our camp is open 5 days a week & features convenient hours so campers can enjoy lots of structured socialization.

Reservations are required for all first-time daycare dogs and we must have proof of vaccinations before being able to make a reservation. 

$30 FULL DAY  / 


At Canine Domain we strive to exercise your dog’s social instinct. Socializing your dog will allow them to build and maintain good confidence around other dogs.

Each session is curated to specifically meet your dog’s social needs. Every dog has its own temperament which is key in understanding each dog’s needs. Through each session, your dog will learn how to properly engage with other dogs. Each session ends with the dog giving us an indication that they are becoming more comfortable. We always end sessions on a positive note. With each session your dog’s ability to make better choices will increase. The amount of time it takes for your dog to become more social and comfortable is dependent on your dog’s age, breed, and temperament. 




  • 5 days                                         $125 ($25 savings)
  • 10 days                                       $230 ($70 savings)
  • 20 days                                       $425 ($175 savings)
  • 5 days + 5 round trips              $215 ($35 savings)
  • 10 days + 10 round trips         $400 ($100 savings)
  • 20 days + 20 round trips         $740 ($260 savings)

Do NOT expire

Non-refundable & non-transferable

May be split between dogs from the same home

hours of operation

   Monday – Friday

  • Drop off hours: 730 AM – 10 AM
  • Pick Up Hours: 4 PM – 6 PM


Please be aware that if you come outside of these hours, you may be charged a $30 early/late fee and you may have to wait for up to 20 minutes. 



You must be registered in our system before requesting a reservation. To register please visit our Sign Up (option under Contact Us) option and click New Customer. Make sure to upload, email, or text your pet’s vaccines. We will then review your information and update your pet’s vaccine records in the system. Once everything has been reviewed and cleared by us, you can request your first reservation.


Proof of vaccination

Once registered, you will need to upload, email, or text your dog’s vaccination records.

The vaccines required are: DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies.

We only require age appropriate vaccines for puppies 4 months and under.

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